Alchemical Hypnotherapy

Alchemical Hypnotherapy is a school of hypnotherapy that has been developed over the past 20 years by David Quigley, based in Santa Rosa, CA.  The word Alchemy is used to describe a process of transforming the lead of emotional rigidity of the subconscious into the gold of emotional peace and inner joy. This particular method of hypnotherapy involves a more interactive trance process that fosters going to the root of emotional and physical problems while facilitating transformation by guiding clients to access and develop their own, positive inner resources. The various techniques involved blend together aspects of Gestalt sub-personality work, inner child recovery, Carl Jung’s archetypes and emotional release work.

These techniques may involve Emotional Clearing as we access and heal the inner ‘parts’, such as our “inner child”, “inner family”, and “inner mate”.  We develop personal resources that assist in healing and transforming past situations and relationships.  This often involves the reviewing and changing of events from childhood to clear any cognitive distortions, trauma and develop new perceptions, more functional/adaptable inner resources and more effective coping strategies – on a very deep level, while taking you into your present-day life feeling overall more grounded, productive and happier.

There can be a spiritual component to this work as you address questions and concerns regarding your life’s purpose, personal growth and develop a deeper relationship with your ‘higher self’.

I completed 150+ hours training in Alchemical Hypnotherapy in 1992 and have since utilized this treatment approach in my work to date.

Barbara Van Felix, LCSW